Before coming to China for internship most of foreign interns never heard of Chengdu. If you search “Chengdu” on Google- the first word turn up on the screen would always be “panda”! But what else do you know about Chengdu? What are the secrets that make this place the dream city for so many people?


A city of food paradise

Sichuan cuisine must be one of most incredible food the in the world. While doing internship in China, you can explore the mystery of Sichuan delicacies by yourself and experience the huge difference of cooking style between Chinese food and western food.

nipic_10655558_20131015234348663000Residents in Chengdu have an open mind for food culture. Instead of focusing on local food, they are willing to accept food from all over the world. So, you can enjoy both traditional Sichuan dish and authentic western food. Also, you will never miss home food during your internship.


A city with cheap daily expense and best Location

You cannot imagine the food and transportation fee is so cheap in such a big city. you pay 2 RMB to get access to the bus or subway while 2 euro for a simple lunch. It can really save you from the limited internship budget.

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province, which is located in a convenient location in the southwest, it’s a “jumping board” for other tourist attractions. While doing internship in Chengdu, you can spend your weekend travel around the beautiful mountain (ex. Qingcheng mountain) nearby or visits to the ethnic minority areas in the south (ex. Yunnan)


A city with rapid developing speed while keeping leisure life style

filehelper_1481689106456_89In a hurry to internationalize, Chengdu is on a fast track to the first-class cities, with the foundation for an international community and the industries, it develops very fast those years. More and more international hotels and companies are established in Chengdu, yet it still manages to preserve its original culture.

People here know how to make a balance between work and life. Chengdu is full of parks and other greenery, tea houses, and mahjong spas to fill that relax demand. Doing an internship in Chengdu you can witness the high-speed development of an international city and learn to enjoy the moment, and embracing a more relaxed lifestyle.


A City Known for Its Literature, Architecture, and Religion

Chengdu is inland of city of China. It’s blessed with a long history and a profound culture as well as charming ancient architecture. It was the capital of the southwest Kingdom of Shu, and has been known for its literary, architectural, and religious (Buddhist) contributions.

Staying in Chengdu means having access to a rich selection of Chinese museums, heritage sights, and panda reservations that has been well preserved compared to other cities.

So, there you have it-if you want to find a best place for your internship where can attain best opportunity to boost your career goals and explore the traditional Chinese culture. Chengdu would be your best internship option!