How does men Feel If there’s Zero Physical Closeness?

How does men Feel If there’s Zero Physical Closeness? Lady have to getting enjoyed and also a sense of commitment to own gender. Males should have gender to feel treasured and you can preferred. Do that sound familiar? Is it constantly genuine? Otherwise is actually this type of just stereotypes which were perpetuated over the years? And more importantly, what will happen in order to a lengthy-title matchmaking if there is zero intimacy? In the next several blogs, we will consider exactly how both genders feel and you will work when the bodily facet of the dating just disappears. I have to admit that as the a lady, I have been exposed to a number of unhealthy stereotypes such as “men are dogs”, “they only care about sex”, “all men cheat, it’s just a matter of time”, “men only fake romance to get sex”, “men think about sex every 20 seconds”, “men who show emotions or ask for attention are needy”, “what’s wrong with men that don’t want sex?”, “there must be something wrong with a guy that doesn’t want sex all the time”, “wanting sex all the time must mean he has a sex addiction”.