Many foreign friends asked me to recommend some good Chinese movies so they can better learn Chinese during internship in China. Indeed, good movies can help you better understand the people and culture of the country. Now, let’s take a look at these movies below, hope you enjoy the movie time!


Science fiction film–The Wandering Earth流浪地球

The Wandering Earth was shown in the Spring Festival of 2019. The film ended with a box office of 4.65 billion yuan and is currently ranked the third in China’s domestic box office.

This film was adapted from a short story by Chinese sci-fi writer Liu Cixin. It is said that the Earth is in danger of being destroyed by the dying sun, in response, humans around the world work together to build a giant engine system that will push the Earth away from the sun. Instead of abandoning the Earth, this time we’re taking it with us.


For thousands of years, “homeland” has had a soft spot in the hearts and minds of Chinese people. You can easily feel the emotion of homeland from this film.


Feature film–Dying to Survive 我不是药神

This is a feature film produced by Chinese director Ning Hao. Dying to Survive tells a story of a shady health supplements supplier, played by comedy favorite Xu Zheng (Lost in Thailand), who smuggles unapproved drugs from India to sell to leukemia patients who can’t afford the prohibitively expensive official medication offered by Chinese hospitals. Initially inspired by financial interest, the smuggler’s motives evolve as he realizes how desperately his customers need help.

This film reflects the realistic and institutional issues that exits in China. You will be touched by the human dignity and glory. You’ll know some practical problems that you can never know from an internship in China.


Comedy film–NEVER SAY DIE 羞羞的铁拳

This comedy film was made by Mahua Fun Age, one of the country’s most popular comedy troupes. Never Say Die is about a body-exchange comedy. A boxer and a journalist accidentally exchange bodies after an electrically-charged kiss, embarking a series of adventures.

Most of the comedy stars in this movie are the cast members of Goodbye Mr Loser, the troupe’s highest-grossing movie and the first movie adapted from one of Mahua’s theater plays. You can learn a lot of local Chinese expressions in this film. If you are interested in learning Chinese, this film will be a good material.


When we talk about Chinese movies, the first impression of many foreigners may be Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and other famous international movie stars. However, Chinese movies have been developed a lot these years, and there have been many excellent movie stars like Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Peng Yuyan, Zhou Xun and so on. If you are doing internship in China, you may wish to take a look at the Chinese latest movies, to learn Chinese language and culture through these good movies.