It’s necessary to understand where you can get medical service after finding an internship/stage in China because it’s really easy to catch a cold or get a stomach ache at our daily lives. However, you have be more independent without parents around you while conducting your internship in China.

Clinic – Global doctor Chengdu 环球医生成都国际医疗中心

Global doctor is a medical service group which has 10 branches in China: Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanchang, Nanjing, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Harbin, Taiyuan and Beijing. Their mission is to provide excellent family medicine services with accessibility for foreigners in China.

Note: The registration fee and service fee is 800rmb, please check if it’s the designated hospitality of your insurance company

Clinic Hours: 9:00 – 18:00, Monday – Friday
Tel: 028-8528 3638 (9:00-18:00), 028-8528 3660 (24 hrs)
24 hrs emergency number: 13982256966  English service available
Add: No.62, Kehua Bei Road, Lippo Tower, 2nd Floor, Section S, No. 9 – 11, Chengdu四川省成都市科华北路62号力宝大厦S区2楼9 -11号

Clinic – Dr.Leo clinic 里昂诊所

Medical Services: Adult & Children General, Medical Consultation, Medication & Treatment, Prevention Medicine & Referral Services, Mental Health Advice, Health Education & Health Management for Corporate Clients, Senior & Sports Medicine Rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Home Care & Home Visit, Children Growth Monitoring, Women’s Health

Leo Clinic are supported by the majority of international health insurers and provide quality and accessible medical service to both policyholder and non-policyholder with reasonable & standard service prices.
Keppel Park Avenue Heights No.49 Tongying Street, Jinjiang Distict
成都锦江区通盈街49号. 吉宝凌云峰阁商铺.

Open Monday – Saturday
English service available

Hospital – West China Hospital of Sichuan University 四川大学华西医院

West China Hospital of Sichuan University is one of the best hospitals in China.

Tel: 028-8542-2114 (information)

Emergency Service: 028-8542-2286

Foreign Affairs Office: 028-8542-2026
Add: #37, Guo Xue Lane, Chengdu,Sichuan

English service available

Chengdu No.2 People’s Hospital成都市第二人民医院

Chengdu Second people’s hospital is a general hospital located in the city center of Chengdu. English service is available in this hospital. The cost is affordable.

Tel: 028-6510-8888(Switchboard)
028-6510-8666 (Consultation)
Emergency Room: 028-6510-8120
Hospital Office: 028-6510-8800/6510-8801
Medical Affairs Section: 028-6510-8855/6510-8853/6510-8698
Add: #10, South Qing Yun Street, Chengdu

Doing an internship abroad is never an easy decision, especially doing an internship in China where the culture and language are impossibly different. If you are worried about the visa, the life, the language etc., SII team can be your guide and friends in China. SII provide 24/7 emergency service in any matter that may arise including taking you to see a doctor.