“Awesome! It’s Friday! ” It’s another weekend, if you are having an internship in China now, tomorrow you can go to Panda base to see pandas eating bamboo or  go shopping in ChunXi Road. Time flies, Time flies and weekends are too short to travel around the China. Don’t worry! Today I’m going to share the holidays you will have during your internship in China so that you can make a fulfilled travel plan!


New Year’s Day is a good chance to travel. You will have three-day holiday. Since it’s in winter, most of places are very cold expect Guangdong province and Hainan province. Remember to bring your coat and scarf when you travel around China.


It’s the most exciting month in the whole year. The biggest festival – the Spring Festival will be in this month according to lunar calendar. The date changes every year but usually it will be in February. You will have 7 days’ holiday officially during your internship in China, some companies even offer 10days off! People who work in first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou will go back to their hometown to reunite and celebrate with their family.



You will have a 3-day holiday on April 5th which is Tomb-sweeping Day. People will go to the tombs of the deceased to pay their respect during this festival. As it’s spring in China, you can see beautiful flowers in the parks and travel outside the town to enjoy the time.


May 1st is International Labour Day. You will have three-day holiday. It is a good chance to explore some old towns close to Chengdu during your internship in China.


The Dragon Boat Festival is on 5th May of Chinese lunar calender. You will have three days holiday to be immersed in Chinese culture. This festival is to commemorate the great patriotic poet Qu Yuana in ancient China. In general, people eat “zongzi” which is made of glutinous rice with meat or green beans or yolk. You can choose different kind of zongzi to eat.




15th August in lunar calendar is Mid-Autumn Festival. At that night the moon is usually round and bright. Therefore, it’s also a date for family to unit. We enjoy the  moonlight while eating moon-cakes with family. People who live in foreign land will extremely miss their hometown and family that day.



The National Day holiday is the longest holiday you can enjoy except Spring festival. You will have totally 7 days holiday during your internship. Usually, it will be very crowded in tourist attractions, so I suggest you to do plan in advance so that you have enough time to book bus/train tickets and hotels.



After knowing these information, do you have any travel plan for your internship in China? If you don’t know where to go, check out our blogs about the tourist attractions or your Chinese colleagues for advice. I believe they will be very glad to help you out!