When considering an overseas destination to do an internship, the level of consumption is a very important factor. As the exchange rate is different from countries to countries, it will be a good way to save money if do an internship in a country with low consumption. Among all the developing countries, China seems a perfect destination because China has a long and rich history for you to discover, in addition, China is growing fast and it’s one of the leading countries in the world, we believe you will have a great internship experience in China.


Except the first tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou), the living cost in most of cities is not expensive. The headquarter of SII internship located in Chengdu city, it’s the capital of Sichuan province, let’s take a look at the level of consumption in Chengdu! According to current exchange rate, 100 euro is about 780 RMB, so what can you buy with 100 euro in Chengdu?

1.If you like Chinese dishes, its enough to eat for 15-19 days during your internship in China!

For a normal Chinese meal in fast food restaurant, it’s only about 20 yuan with meat and vegetables. You will cost about 40-50 yuan each day, so if you have 100 euro, it’s enough to eat for more than half a month during your internship in China.

If you don’t like Chinese dish, you can also eat in some western restaurants, it’s more expensive than Chinese food, but it’s still cheaper than some developed countries. Usually for a single meal package including sandwich/ hamburger, salad and a glass of drink is around 40-50 yuan ( 5-6 euro ). 100 euro is enough to eat for 10 days.

2.You can drink beer as much as you can and no need to worry about money

If you ask an international interns in Chengdu, what’s the most impressed thing for them in China, I guess most of them would say the bars and beers. Generally, it’s only 10-20 yuan for a bottle of beer. The cocktail is 30-50 yuan, some bars are 80-90 yuan, it depends on the level of bar. Therefore, if you order beers, you will get 40 bottle of beers with 100 euro!

3.You can eat fresh fruit as much as you want during your internship in China

There are a many different kinds of fruits in China, you can eat different fruits in the whole year.

Spring: Guava, jujube, loquat, mulberry, cherry, kiwi, strawberry

Summer: Strawberry, peach, plum, watermelon, pineapple, mango, lemon, passion fruit, pitaya, apricot, litchi, kiwi, banana, coconut, cherry

Autumn: Grapefruit, pear, persimmon, papaya, apple, lotus seed, sugarcane, grape, pitaya, carambola, apricot, orange, jujube, hawthorn, walnut

Winter: Orange, orange, grapefruit, jujube, sugarcane, strawberry

The local fruits are really cheap and tasty, it benefits from vast territory and abundant resources in China. For example, in summer, the watermelon is only 6 yuan (0.8 euro) for 1 kg, you can buy more than 100 kg of watermelon with 100 euro !!! If you are a big fan of watermelon, you can’t miss it during your internship in China!

4.You can live in youth hostel for half a month!

If you haven’t found accommodation before you arrive China, you can live in some international youth hostels at the beginning of your internship in China. Most of hostels in Chengdu city are very cheap, it’s only 50-70 yuan (6-9 euro) per day. You will have a bed, share the room with 4 or 6 people, in this way, you can also make some new friends. 100 euro is enough to live for 10-15 days.

5.Its enough to cover the public transportation fee for 2 months!

The public transportation is very convenient in Chengdu city. There are 7 metro lines and numerous bus lines, you can take the metro and bus to most of places and attractions. It’s only 2 yuan for one trip if you take the bus. As for metro, it depends on the distance, it’s range from 2 to 10 yuan (0.3-1 euro). 100 euro is enough for 2 months or even 3 months! The taxi is not expensive as well, the start price is 8 yuan/2 km, 1.9 yuan/km after the 2km. If you take taxi to everywhere, 100 euro is enough for half a month.


Are you surprised at the living cost? Doing an internship in China is not expensive as you thought. There are a lot of ways to save money. Considering the living expense, future opportunities and a range of tourist attractions in China, it will be a great destination for your internship! We believe you will have an excellent experience in China!