Up until now we did show you a lot about the places to visit during your internship experience in China. But we didn’t necessarily told you how to purchase the tickets to go there. In Chengdu you can travel in many different ways thanks to the international airport, the 4 railway station and the 13 long trip bus stations.

As foreigners it’s not possible or sometimes complicated to purchase online our ticket, the first reason is because we need to be in the data base. And for that you need to buy a ticket at least once in the local Station and not online. Sometimes the other reason is because for some odd reason the website doesn’t recognize our credit card and it can happen even if you purchased a Chinese credit card.

What I still can advice you is to first of all check the prices on websites like C-trip or 去哪儿.

So where can you buy your plane ticket?

For the plane ticket, instead of paying for the taxi to go to the airport and buy your ticket, you can go to the travel agencies that are all around the city. Like for example CITS(China International Travel Service). Unfortunately, in most of them, the person working here don’t necessarily speak English. So note in advance the place where you want to go, or you can keep a screenshot of the ticket you saw on C-trip to show them what you want. You’ll need to bring with you your passport as well not photocopies.


Where to buy your train tickets?

chengdu-railway-02Note that here you cannot buy your train tickets in travel agencies. So here you need to buy it in the train stations. They will not speak English as well, so what you can do is once again to have a screen shot of the train you want to take and that you check in advance on C-trip.

Here again you have to bring your passport in order to buy your ticket.

It’s possible to go to every train station of Chengdu by subway, just go buy in the one closer to your space, it doesn’t matter if you’ll have to leave from another train station to go to your destination.

Where to buy the long bus trip ticket?

Here you have to go to the bus station station directly to buy your ticket, here again you better not count on some English speaker. But you better here again know what you want in advance.In all the case there’s always a little screen that shows you the tickets they have and the time. So help yourself with that tool.

In order to know exactly where are located all those bus station you can check this website.


There you have some Chinese words that can help you:

Ticket : 票Piao

Plane ticket : 机票 Ji piao

Train ticket : 火车票HuochePiao

Bus ticket :公交车票 Gong jiaochepiao

Passport :护照huzhao

It’s possible they ask you if you want to sit close to the window or corridor:

Window: 窗口chuangkou

Corridor: 走廊zoulang

I want to buy a (plane/train/bus)ticket :

我要买一个(机/火车/公交车)票 : Wo yaomaiyige (Ji/huoche/ Gong jiaoche) Piao.

I want to go (the city/place)

我要去… : Woyaoqu …

As a little last advice remember that here in china the date is in the other side so for example the 1st of July :

Western countries: 01/07/2016

Asia: 2016/07/01

It’s always year/month/days.

So let’s study quickly the month of the year:

一月/ 1 月 : yiyue : January

二月/ 2月: eryue : February

三月/3月 san yue: march

四月/4月siyue: april

五月/5月wuyue: may

六月/6月liuyue: june

七月/7月 qi yue: july

八月/8月bayue: august

九月/9月jiuyue : september

十月/10月shiyue: october

十一月/11月 : shi yi yue: novembre

十二月/12月: shieryue: December


For the days you will use : 日ri or You might hear them use instead 号hao

So the 1st of july is : 07/01 。 7月1日/号 : qi yueyiri/hao

And to make sure you still can check in the computer screen or make things easier or just use the calendar of your phone to show exactly which day you want.

Now just have to pick your next destination for your next week end or day off. Will it be Jiu Zhaigou, Emeimontain, visit the biggest sculpture of Buddha or just visit some places in Chengdu?

Anyway there’s always things to do during your internship experience in China, just have to start it!