The first time you relocate and do an internship in China, you might need to buy some household goods to make your new room more like home. There are many popular housing retail brands in China, I believe you will find something you like.

Moving to China for your internship means that you are going to have a new apartment! Would like to get some cute household stuff to decorate your new room?

I believe you won’t get disappointed by the various houseware retail stores in China.

Cheaper version of MUJI — Miniso

MUJI is a popular Japanese brand in China. Their products range from stationery, and clothing for men and women, to food items and major kitchen appliances. However, due to the logistics, tariff, supply chain cost and so on, the price in China is quite expensive which makes its competitor – the cheap and diverse variety of miniso become the favorite brand of the public. You can find most of housing products in cheap price in Miniso, cosmetic, skin care, fitness equipment, kitchenware and so on. It’s a places that can satisfy your needs for houseware during your internship in China.

Explore a new lifestyle — NOME

NOME Chinese name is “Nomi Home”(诺米家居). It’s a new Chinese household products brand founded in 2017. It has led a new trend since its set up. NOME has its own design team. The design and development center was established in Sweden, composed of Swedish independent designers and co-designers, providing creative support for the brand.

NOME is mainly engaged in household products, and also operates clothing, shoes, bags and other categories, covering daily life, integrating research and development, design, supply and sales, providing practical products and life inspiration for people’s daily lives. I believe you will find a lot of well-designed products to decorate your new home in China during your internship.


Green and natural brand — The green party

The green party is a Chinese brand founded in 2014. It is a home brand that advocates to provide people a green and natural life. They have personal items, kitchen accessories, office stationery, plush toys, electronics and so on. You can always find some cute plates, colorful cups and toys to make your room warm.

There’s a saying among Chinese young people that the house is rented, but life is not. Even your internship in China is just a short time in your entire life, but you will live in the house every day after work. Why not make your house more comfortable and colorful?