If you are keen to get an international internship offer, the first step is to make your resume the best fit for it. Check out the tips as below which can help you to build the most proficient resume for your dream offer!


  1. Keep it simple

It only takes around 6 seconds for the HR to create an initial impression on a candidate resume which means the best practice for students or graduates is to keep it simple and better to be in 1-page! It can help employers to scan your resume and find the information they’re looking for much easily. Please always take it as the ultimate rule when writing a resume for your internship!


  1. Title Your Document Correctly.

Pay attention to every detail including the title. When hundreds of applicants’ resumes are in the same name “resume”, your resume which is in a title of “first name+ last name +resume. pdf” would stand out easily and it will also make it convenient for the HR to re-visit your resume at any time. That means you are closer to an international internship.


  1. Prioritize Your Experience for the Target Internship.

internshipThe simplification of resume doesn’t mean that it should be less impressive. You should write everything most relevant and accomplishment. For example, if you are applying for a marketing internship in China, it’s better to write the experience related to marketing and or some experience you had in China. Sometimes an internship in the industry is more important than the school you attended. It is time to take a long hard look at all your selling points and put it at the top.


  1. Spell Check

Although it won’t be easy to go over and edit what has been written for hundreds of times, it’s absolutely necessary! You can use spell check tool for example “Grammar” or send it to a friend for the editing. After making a lot of efforts to build the best contents, you cannot let the spelling and grammar errors discount your resume for your dream internship in China!


5. PDF Format

Resume photoYou have worked hard to make a clean cut and nice formatted resume for the international internships. It deserves the best presentation instead of a jumbled mess of words. Make sure it won’t happen to your best internship application resume by converting it to PDF format.

  1. A nice and professional photo is necessary

In the western world, it’s not a common practice to have your picture in the resume but it’s a bit different in China and if you put a nice and respected picture of yourself it can score you some points.

Why not build a resume according to these tips for your dream internship today? It will help you complete an international resume that can help you to receive the best internship abroad!