When doing an internship in China, many interns often wonder if there are any stores that offer a wide variety of books written in English.  Finding these stores can be a major issue for book lovers who are doing their internships abroad as there is a general lack of the English language throughout the country.  These stores can prove to be very important, as interns often need breaks from their respective hospitality or business internships to sit down with a book and a cup of tea for relaxation.  With this in mind, this post will provide details on three of the most popular bookstores in Chengdu along with an online platform where you can purchase your books during your internship in Chengdu.

Fangsuo Bookstore

      Fangsuo might just be one of the most beautiful bookstores you will ever find, and it is situated here in Chengdu. However, Fangsuo is not solely known for its appearance.  In this bookstore, you can find a large selection of English novels, along with other English books on different careers, history, and art, usually each priced above 100RMB. In addition, Fangsuo also sells clothing, and different items relating to Chinese culture, such as teapots and certain types of plants.

       To get to this bookstore with the Metro, take line 2 to Chun Xi Road, and then look for an exit labeled Tai Koo Li.  Once you find the exit, keep towards the left side and after a few minutes of walking, you should reach the bookstore, which is located on 成都市锦江区中纱帽街8号成都远洋太古里M68-70号铺.

Book worm

       The Bookworm is another one of Chengdu’s popular bookstores, though I would say it is more than just a bookstore.  This place offers many types of Western dishes such as New York Steak and Spaghetti Bolognese to go along with its collection of Western books that are also usually each priced above 100RMB.

        Adding on, there is a library section in the store, where those who do not feel like purchasing can simply grab a title that interests them, and dive right in.  Furthermore, the Bookworm hosts many different events, such as piano solos, and writing groups, where you might find people with similar backgrounds.  Finding this place is also not much of a problem, as you should see the street it is located on (玉洁东街) after walking straight through exit B in NiJiaQiao station.

XinHua Bookstore

 XinHua is a bookstore located in the heart of the city, Tianfu square.  This place does not offer English novels, but instead sells books for test preparation, and books that teach certain subjects, such as Chinese.  In addition to the books, the store also sells many other useful items such as stationery products, sports products, and electronics.  Like the other bookstores, there is also a restaurant/cafe located within the store.

To reach this store by Metro, take line 1 to Tianfu Square, and then look for 4 hao after you get off, and turn right, where there should be an exit leading to the book store at 人民南路一段86号,城市之心.

Amazon China

       Getting books in Chengdu can also be achieved through the web.  Amazon China provides almost all types of English books at relatively cheap prices (average around 80RMB).  Along with the usual paper copies of books, eBooks can also be purchased on this website.  Many of the eBooks are free, or at an extremely low price (0.10 RMB).  Paying for these books can also be accomplished easily, as a credit card is usually not needed, and the books can be paid for upon arrival.