Bike-sharing is rapidly spread in China since the end of 2016. You can see colorful bikes almost everywhere during your internship in China. With sharing bikes, you can reach short-distance sites instead of working or taking a taxi.


Why shared bikes are attractive for western interns

Bike-sharing features a new way of green transport. Compared with the conventional bikes for public use, such as the bikes for rent, Shared bikes can be located by GPS and other online apps anytime and anywhere. Also, it’s very user-friendly to international interns in China without a strong command of Chinese.


How to start the first “shared bike tour” while interning in China?

Step1: Download the APP and pay a small deposit

Download the APP for the brand you like for example OFO or Mobike, etc. Pay the deposit from 99-299CNY which will be refunded once you want to cancel your account.

Step 2: Unlock

Use your smart phone to scan the QR code on a shared bike to unlock it. In general, it charges about 1 CNY/ hour. It’s a good option for interns who have a limit budget for their internship in China.

Step 3: Park the bike

It can be parked at any place you see other bikes are parked. Do not forget to lock it before leaving.

Shared bikes become popular among international interns in China

Many interns prefer to ride shared bikes to travel around the city because it’s environmentally friendly and cheap. Some interns in China even choose to ride a bike to work in the morning because it’s good for health and can save time at rush hour. The bikes can take you to everywhere within two or three kilometers from home.

Bike sharing is no longer a fresh topic, but it remains a novelty. It is bound to improve over time, and bring new experience and convenience to interns in China!