Why there are more and more people learning Chinese?

China is developing with an incredible speed those years. There are plenty of the best opportunities for people to make a difference. So, people feel the need to learn Chinese in order to grasp more opportunities to realize their ambitions.

Is Chinese difficult to learn?

Chinese is one of the oldest languages in the world and one of the most difficult languages to learn as well. Many foreign interns who have learned Chinese in their university for years even cannot make a simple conversation before coming to China because they do not have an environment to speak Chinese.

A better option to learn Chinese

There are many ways to learn Chinese. For example, you can learn Chinese in a university or you can learn Chinese in a language school. As the technology is well-developed now,you can even learn Chinese through the internet, but what’s a better option to learn Chinese?

learn Chinese 2

People invent languages because of the need for communication,so the best way to learn a language is to use it to talk to people. But not all the people can have the opportunity to come to China. If you are lucky enough to come to China for an internship, grab the opportunity! This is the best time to learn Chinese!

Combine Chinese language learning with your internship.

To do an internship in a 5-star hotel in China, you will set yourself in an international environment which can be very helpful to language learning. To make your internship tasks easier you must learn some related Chinese and you will get lots of chances to meet Chinese people and talk to them.

Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the free time of your internship to learn Chinese. A local environment will make it much easier for Chinese learning.

Cultural difference can be a big barrier for language learning but it wouldn’t be on your way anymore when coming to China for an internship!