Chinese New Year is approaching, and the holiday will officially start on the 15thof February and last for 7 days! It’s the best opportunity for international interns to take an adventure of the landscape in China and explore Chinese culture! However, what are the best places to check out during your Chinese New Year holiday?


Xi’an- the imperial capital of 11 dynasties in China, it’s the living history book for international interns to get to know Chinese culture!

It’s used to be called Chang’an (means the eternal city in ancient times). As the eastern terminal of the Silk Road and the site of the famous Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty, which is the must visit hot spot during your internship in China!

Things that you must do in Xi’an

  1. Visiting the Terracotta warriors
  2. Bike ride along the Ancient City Wall
  3. Head over to the Muslim quarter and try Muslim food, such as the tasty lamb skewers, warm bread and mouthwatering beef noodles.

How to get there:

The most cost effective way is to take high speed train. It takes around 4hours and the price is only 260RMB.


Guilin- the most picturesque city you should visit during your internship in China!

Guilin is well-renowned for its Li River, caves, Crest landscape in Yangshuo and Longji rice terraces in Longsheng with local minority culture. The charm of these views are not affected a lot by the seasons, which means interns can enjoy the beauty of Guilin all year round for during your internship in China.

Things that you must do in Guilin

  1. Take a boat ride along the Li River
  2. Go to Yangshuo County to experience the famous impressions light show.
  3. Visit Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Fubo Hill;
  4. Cycling on a Yangshuo countryside road and visiting a local family;
  5. Going to Longsheng mountainous area for Longji Terraces.

How to get there:

Take the airplane from Chengdu Shuangliu airport to Guilin Liangjiang airport.

Tip: If you choose flight from Chongqing it will be cheaper! During the Chinese New Year, you can get some real cheap tickets which are only around 400RMB.


Shanghai- a city that offers the perfect blend of cultures, modern and tradition- a combined mix western and the oriental.

Shanghai is a renowned international metropolis. It could be compared with any big city like New York, Tokyo and Dubai. It’s the most modern in china where the modern mix the traditional Chinese Architecture and where you can find everything from art, history, entertainment, architecture, gastronomy, nightlife.

Things that you must do in Shanghai

  1. Go to the top of the shanghai tower, since it’s one of the tallest buildings in the world
  2. Visit the yun yuan gardens and enjoy a moment to explore the nature and some typical Chinese architecture
  3. Visiting the bund at night to catch the famous light show
  4. Go to party at bar rouge the favorite place for expats to meet other expats and considered the best party of the city
  5. Enjoy the pool at the four seasons with magnificent view of the city

How to get there: 

Take the airplane from Chengdu Shuangliu airport to Shanghai pudong or Hongqiao airport.

Tip: If you choose flight from Chongqing it will be cheaper! During the Chinese New Year, you can get some real cheap tickets which is only around 300RMB.


Some important tips for traveling during the Chinese new year:

  • Better to book accommodation and tickets in advance as not to get stuck without tickets
  • Take under consideration that there will be a lot of people everywhere.
  • Prepare some warm clothes to avoid catching a cold
  • Better to download the offline map before head on to another city
  • Take care of your own belongings while take the train, metro or bus.


There is no shortage of things to do during Chinese New Year! Enjoy your holiday and have fun in your China internship experience!