Street food in China is very much different than in the western world. It’s an extremely important component in Chinese food culture. If you are thinking about taking an adventure of the street food during your internship in China, you should start from the food in Chengdu which is famous all over China for its special tastes. Check out the following information and you can know what the foodie’s choice in Chengdu is.


Top Chinese street food in Chengdu:

ICE JellyBingfen

After coming to China for your internship, ice cream is not the only option for the summer any longer. A bowl of ice jelly is the simplest delicacy in summer after finish work from the company. You can order it with peanuts, crushed nuts, hawthorn, or any fruit you like. It’s the best food to cool you off in summer during interning in China.



Chinese pancakeDan Hong Gao

It is one of the most popular snacks in Chengdu. There are plenty of flavors: salty, sweet, or spicy. You get to pick whatever you like. Unfortunately, there is no set location to buy the most delicious ones. To find the small food cart selling Chinese pancake at the street corner, can be an interesting experience for you to relax from the internship in China.


Sweet Fried Rice BallsTang You Guo Zi

Sweet fried rice balls are known as Tang You Guo Zi.

They are made from glutinous rice and are fried in the dark sugar to make the crust crunchy. It usually sells in some local small shops. If you cannot find it, feel free to ask the help of your Chinese friends.


Chinese Barbecue

Chinese barbecue can surprise you. It will give international interns very different experience from what you had at home. With various choices of meats and vegetables, it the best match of ice beer in summer. To have Chinese barbecue with your friends in the evening or even late at night can be a pleasant thing during your internship in China.


International Interns in Chengdu love to go to the following streets with their local friends because there are countless local delicacies hidden in these places.

  • Yulin Road
  • Dashi Road
  • Kuixing Road


Street food can be found in the narrow streets and every corner in Chengdu, and only local people know where to go to find the best one. Having street food is one of the best ways to relax from your internship in China which can help you get involved in life in China more easily.