Numerous parks, wetlands and green paths around Chengdu provide plentiful choices for interns in China at weekends, but Rural tourism is a must try for international interns. Farmhouses and tourism facilities in the villages often feature stylish and traditional Chinese decorations to meet guest demands.

Why choose rural tourism to relax from your internship?


1.The best way to discover Chinese culture is to do as locals do.

Thanks to the new generation of leisure business, the rural tourism offering

catering and entertainment in suburban and rural areas, always enjoys great popularity among the people of the city.

Many foreign interns thought China is a country that people are working hard with much pressure and there is a high-speed pace of life before. While doing an internship in China, you will found it’s just the stereotype.


2.You cannot miss the authentic home cooking while doing an internship in Chinafarmhouse

Rural tourism grow their own vegetables and keep poultry,you cannot only eat the freshest green vegetables but also experience the fun of own picking.

It’s a rare opportunity for foreign interns to understand the life of countryside in China. You can use the tableware in “China style” to enjoy some typical Chinese dishes which is cooked by Chinese traditional cuisine.


3.It provides diverse types of entertainments which can meet specific needs of guests.

It must be one of the best options for interns to enjoy weekends with Chinese friends. If you get bored of eating in a restaurant, why not have a barbecue party at the rural tourism with several friends? Also, you can learn how to play Mahjong there.

If you just feel too tired to be social, you can just find a quiet a pavilion and order a cup of tea to enjoy the cozy environment or you can go fishing there as well.

The best thing is that the cost is not high and the rural tourism are generally beautiful natural or pastoral scenery with fresh air, relax environment which can soothe the pressure of modern people.

Why not enjoy an alternative weekend as a rural tourist during your internship in China?