Nowadays, a growing keep fit fever is sweeping over china. Many young people step into gym to chase a healthier life. Therefore, its very easy for you to find a gym to keep fit if you gain weight during your internship in China, as there are so much delicious food and snacks will get your weight out of control.

Want to find a gym, which is cheap but with good service? If you are a fitness freak, you cannot miss these gyms during your internship in China.


Super Six Private Coach Studio

Equipment: 9.5   environment: 9.5   service: 9.5

Super Six private coach studio possesses 6 brunch gyms around Chengdu city, no matter where you live during your internship in Chengdu, you can find a nearest studio. The coach will patiently help you lose weight in a scientific way and urge you to control your diet. You can do boxing, yoga, swim and dance in this studio.

Promotion: Only 99 RMB to experience 1 section of one-to-one advanced couch lesson

Business hour: 10:00-22:00

Address: No. 1 Jianheng development center of pioneering road 605

Contact number: +86 18280367791



Equipment: 8.8   environment: 8.4   service: 8.5

This is a small gym with beautiful environment, good service and complete equipment. One of branches located in second floor of Poli Centre, which is a business building near SOHO apartment where interns live. If you are doing an internship near there, you can easily go to the gym after work.



Price: About 1500 RMB/year

Business hour: 24hs

Address: 1 and 2 floor, No.1 Jinxiu Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Contact number: +86 15002884493


Wills GYM 

Equipment: 8.7   environment: 8.3   service: 8.0

Wills GYM is a chain gyms in Chengdu. The most famous branch is located right in the city center where surrounded by several shopping malls. Theres a famous tourist attraction -a temple named Daci temple is next to it. So when you go shopping and travel around in the city center, you can also step into this gym to relax. Theres a swimming pool in it. You can exercise, swim, do yoga and dance in this gym.


Consumption per person: 3700 RMB

Business hour: 07:00- 22:00

Address: No. 8 center gauze Street

Contact number: 028-86664366


Its very popular for young people to go to the gym now in China. Young girls want to be in good shape and beautiful otherwise young boys want to be strong and develop a muscular body. You can find gyms everywhere in a favorable price during your internship. Besides, if you are interested in Chinese culture, you can go to Peoples park to do tai chi in the morning following old people. It will be a unique experience for your internship in China.