What are you going to to if you are doing internship in Thailand? Drinking in the bar? Doing sunbathe on the beach? Today I will take you to Thailand royal garden square to do something excited.

There’s a shopping mall in Pattaya names Royal garden plaza where located in the beach road is worth to explore. You might think, shopping malls in the whole world are all the same, what’s the difference compared to other shopping mall? Why it can be so attractive that thousand of visitors come here every year?

Believe It or Not Museum

The Believe It or Not Museum is the most famous landmark in this shopping mall. Every year many visitors come from all over the world to visit it in Thailand.

The exhibition in the museum contains various interesting story, statues and some strange things, such as the statues of the world’s the tallest, the shortest, the fattest and possess the largest lips people and so on. The museum is divided into two layers with different kinds of exhibits.

At the entrance of the museum, there is a big bucket. You can see the tap is running on the top of the bucket without water pipe. It seems that the water can automatically running out from the tap.



Strange things in the museum

The layout of the museum is very special. Walking along the way, on both sides are exhibition tables with all kinds of strange sculptures. You will never know what magic things will see at the next corner. There’s a snake specimen has two heads. Through the microscope, the snake’s head splits into two heads, slender and elongated body.

You can see a diamond that formed through the projection and refraction of light.


In this photo, you can see a man who got injured in a war, the steel pipe jabbed through his body, but he survived miraculously. He was known as the most toughest person in the world.

There are a lot of strange sculptures and specimens in this museum. It takes more than one hour to visit.

Other interesting museum

When you are visit this shopping mall in Thailand, the wax museum and the maze are worth to have a look as well. In the wax museum,you can see European and American singers, football stars, Chinese stars like Zhang Ziyi and Chinese celebrities Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

If you are the one who chase something horrible, you can’t miss the haunted house. Real people play and scary scenes will make you scream loudly.

What are you waiting for? Do you want to have fun in Thailand? Let’s feel the charm of Thailand! You will never regret to have this internship in Thailand!