The annual Baidu boiling point list was officially released in December. It is understood that Baidu boiling point list is an annual data inventory released by Baidu based on Internet users’ search and browsing data, including dozens of lists with different dimensions, each of which selects ten keywords or social topics of the highest concern to Internet users in China.


This year, Baidu has set up 13 lists, including annual key words, annual national pride, annual event, tearful moments, buzzwords and so on. Let’s take a look at the hot words in 2019 and learn together. If you are doing internship in China, it will be very easy for you to get close to your Chinese friends by using these buzzwords.



Buzzwords from Entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is one of the leaders of buzzword, and nearly half of the top ten buzzwords in 2019 come from here.

“盘他(Teach him a lesson)” comes from a Chinese crosstalk “Wen Wan”. As the comedian Meng cried out “Pan ta” many times in his performance, it spread virally on the Internet. “Pan ta” originally means repeatedly rubbing something to make the surface smoother and more textured. Now it mostly refers to the love of someone and something, just want to hold it in the hand and repeatedly knead it, or to make fun of someone.

“雨女无瓜(Rain girl without melon)” comes from a TV play Balala the Fairies. It originally means “None of your business”, but the actor spoke with a slip and it sounded wired, so the people made a joke by typing it out literally. It accidentally created a good “laughing fruit”. Therefore, it quickly became popular on the Internet.

The time was very difficult in 2019?

“996” is the top one among the whole list. If your Chinese friend tells you that his/her work schedule is “996”, you have to say thanks, because he/she chooses to spend the only day off with you. “996” means people work from 9am to 9pm, 6 days per week. This situation led to a great discussion on social media about personal life impact, employee rights and interests around the “996” work system.

Like “996”, buzzwords such as “社畜(Social animal)”, “我太难了(My life is so difficult)” reflect people’s work and life pressure. As a kind of joking expression, these buzzwords reflect the real mood of many young people.


The same kind of buzzword on the list is “柠檬精 (Green-eyed monster)”, which originally mocks those who hide behind the keyboard and sneer at others. However, it has gradually evolved into self mockery to express the multiple envy of others from appearance to inner.

Even though buzzwords changes every year, it’s still good to know some words while you are doing internship in China. Anyway, wish you guys a happy new year with your loved one.