Most people know Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket these famous tourist attractions in Thailand, but few people know there’s a small town near Bangkok is special for its glorious and invaded history. You can’t miss this opportunities to experience a wonderful trip during your internship in Thailand.

What’s special about this small city?

I first learned this place from a photo of Buddha on the Internet during my internship in Thailand. We all know that Thailand is a Buddhist country. 90% of people believe in Buddhism. Temples are everywhere in Thailand. You may say, “Oh, what’s special about the Buddha? They always sitting upright, dignified and kindly, it doesn’t look like anything to me.”

However, you will have a chance to see a completely different type of Buddhas in Ayutthaya. There’s a kind of Buddha head growing in the root of the tree. There’s a kind of Buddha have no head or no arms. And all of these Buddhas are black and bare. It’s not a horror story. This is really exist in Ayutthaya, 80 kilometers away from Bangkok.



When you first come to this city, you’ll be amazed at the fact that there are only two colors of buildings in this city – reddish brown and black. The tower is reddish brown, while the Buddha is black.

The history of Ayutthaya


Ayutthaya was built in 1351, which lasted for 417 years to the middle of eighteenth Century. As they were too rich and didn’t focus on military development, they were attacked by the Burma army. They burned the whole city, cut down the head of Buddhas and destroyed all Buddhas. Now this city is what we see at the moment.


Before I had internship in Thailand, I heard about the story of Buddha’s head wrapped in trees. It means the rebirth of Buddha.You can see Buddha wears a faint smile on the root of the tree.

Today’s Ayutthaya has become a tourist attraction because of its unique architecture.


The people here are friendly and hospitable. Many tourists come here to see the unique scenery. If you are doing an internship in Thailand, it’s worth to come here.