Sometimes it happens that your visa expires during your training, consequently, and as a foreign intern, you don’t know what to do. If you are in this situation, this article is for you.

First of all, don’t worry, there are many solutions and, in my opinion, these solutions are quite pleasant. Indeed, you have to leave China, that means that you will travel.

Second, you have to find your destination. As I said previously, there are many places you can travel to, for example Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand… Here I chose to talk about the Hong Kong solution.

Third, your trip to Hong Kong…

Hong Kong is more expensive than Chengdu and as a trainee, I know that you don’t have much money to spend in a hotel. I have good news for you. Thanks to a hotel comparator, you can find cheap hotels -of course, don’t expect a lot of comfort- well located next to Tsim Sha Tsui or East Tsim Sha Tsui subway stations. This group of hotels is one metrostop from the FBT, a good visa agency. Moreover, this is a central and lively place, so you are able to do many things without spending all your time in transport.

As an intern in Chengdu, I advise you to take a plane, of course. Because adomestic flight is far cheaper, you should go to Shenzhen, not Hong Kong. When you arrive at Shenzhen Airport, ask for shuttle buses for Hong Kong. When you buy your ticket (130 RMB), you have to chooseamong many destinations in Hong Kong. If you chose to live next to Tsim Sha Tsui subway station, I advise you to get off the bus at “Jordan”.

The first thing you have to do when you arrive in Hong Kong is to apply for your new visa. I recommend you the FBT agency (Hung Hom subway station). You can easily find the street thanks to the information on its website, then go inside the mall and ask for the visa agency.

You can apply for a Tourist Visa or a Business Visa. Depending on your passport, you can apply for a 2-day procedure, if you are not eligible for this one, you have to stay 4 working days.

For the Tourist Visa, you need: your passport, a recent picture of you and the arrival sticker you get when you enter Hong Kong.

For the Business Visa, you need to have an invitation letter from the company in addition to the required documents for a tourist visa.

The price is the same for both visa and it depends on the procedure’s length, if you want a simple or double entries… You can check that on the website.

After what, as a foreigner, you will be willing to visit Hong Kong.


Next to Tsim Sha Tsui, you have colorful streets, a very nice night market, the Chinese Hollywood Boulevard also called the Avenue of Stars, the Star Gallery, the Junk Boat, the Clock Tower, the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade…



Things you HAVE TO DO as a Chinese intern in Hong Kong:

Victoria PeakIMGP1457-m

This is the highest point of the island. There, you have a wonderful view. You can go there during the day or the night; it is always awesome. For the anecdote Victoria Peak is where the English settles wanted to live for the view and also because it is the island’s coolest place. To get there, you have to join Central, if you are living at Tsim Sha Tsui you can use the ferry or subway. Then take bus 15 and get off at the terminus. If you are lucky, you can takebus 15Cwhich is a sightseeing bus.

The Big Buddha

IMGP1525-mBecause Hong Kongers were jealous of our Giant Buddha, they decided to have a Big Buddha. It is a beautiful place on Lantau Island where a 34 metres high Buddha takes center stage on a top of a mount. Lantau Island is nice to visit as well. There are beautiful landscapes with white sand beaches between mountains and the ocean.

To join this heavenly place, first, go to Central. After what, you can take the ferry or the express ferry at Central 6 to Mui Wo. There take bus 2 and get off at the terminus.

At the end of your stay, to travel to Shenzhen, you will have to take the bus (130 HKD) at the Kowloon subway station.

My advice for trainees from Chengdu going to Hong Kong;When the sun isn’t burning you, it is raining! So be prepared: have some solar cream and an umbrella, then, of course, enjoy your visit.