Chengdu is a city full of opportunities,friendly people, incredible culture, and delicious food, said Andre Nascimento, one of SII intern who shared his internship experience in luxuries hotel with us. having been to more than 20 countries, Andre, describes himself as a person willing to explore different cultures and life style all over the world.



SII Interns: Andre and Scott

Why choose china as your internship destination?

When talking about the reason to China, Andre said: “I haven’t come to Asia before and I want to have a good experience here not just as a short time traveler”. While compare to other Asian countries, the economy of China is more developed and many of my hotel colleagues who have been to China, really love the experience here and told me “you should go for it”.


The first impression of Chengdu

Andre said: “from one hand it’s a very traditional Chinese city. You can rarely see foreigners on the street people here are very hard-working. Concentrating, focus …but at the same time it’s also a very modern city with many luxuries and foreign community from all over the world. Downtown Chengdu is very developed and its feels like an international city”

It’s also very easy to move around the city with the new subway system that is shown also in English.



Chengdu life for foreigners

What’s the favorite part of living in Chengdu?

With a smile on his face, Andre said that he loves the night life in Chengdu; he never thought Chengdu would be one of the night life centers of China. Thereare lots of wonderful bars for foreigners such as shamrock,Lan Kwai Fong, etc. people can enjoy bear, relax there and most interesting part for him is that there are so many foreigners who come to Chengdu for different reasons and it’s interesting to share his internship experience with them.


What does your daily work involve?

He said that as part of his hospitality internship tasks he is expected to bringnewideal to offer five-starhospitality service in Europeanstandards. He also need tomentor other Chinesecolleagues in the hoteland make sure everything is well organized,. Andre is also in Charge of the international guests in the hotel-answering questions and solving problems.


How are your Chinese colleagues in hotel?

Andre thinks his collegesinhotelare very friendlyand welcoming. They treat him with patience and showed much resection. There are not really many pressure from other employees in the hotel. Even sometimes there is language barrier they try to listen to him and understand him.


Internship in China

Do you feel like you are making a contribution?

In Andre’s opinion, the hotel industry in China is not so organized as European countries, everything is set up and clear while there are lots of things to do in Chinese hotel. He is very adopting the difference and he propose some new ideas for hotel service or management. Andre alsobelieves the hotel industry in China has a great future and he think the internship experience would be very rewarding at the end.


If you want something, go for it and you will get it!

At the end of the interview, Andre said he was a little worried and nervousbefore come to China. As he already has lots of work experience in hotels industry, he was not sure if he can really get what he wantsfrom his internship in China experience. But there is one idea always in his mind” if you want something, you should go for it, just follow your heart!”