“I’m 22 from Spain and doing business internship right now. I came to China like 4 months ago. My experience here is just amazing.” said Ancor Jerez, one of SII intern who shared his internship experience e in an international company with us.


Why choose china as internship destination?

When talking about the reason that brought him to China, Ancor said “I come to China because I wanted to experience a completely different culture -as I’m Spain and I was thinking if I can find something totally different than Europe it must be in China.”

Also, I wanted to know more about the Chinese market and the Chinese way of doing business– this is something you cannot learn in Europe but only in China…So, after I came across an internship opportunity through SII in China, I said to myself why not?


Having an internship in an international company in China

team workingAncor’s internship is in an international company named jellyfish Food &Beverage Co who operates in the Chinese market in Chengdu city for around 7 years and with high reputation in its field. Their business includes catering, bar operation, party and events organizing and restaurant management consulting.

With a smile on his face, Ancor said “I have to say it’s a very nice company ,our team isa mix between Chinese and foreigners, so it’s like an international team and it’s very easy to work with them. So, I’m very happy in general to work with there and get to do quite a lot.


The first impression of Chengdu

“My first impression of China was like a shock because everything is so different” said Ancor. When you really get inside this culture only then you get to understand how different it is, but this is a great experience for me because you learn a lot and learn how the world is so big. I feel like I’m in another world.  I have to say it’s totally different but very good personal experience.


Do you feel like you are making a contribution?

ancor with other company staffAs a marketing intern in China, it’s busy but fulfilling because everything here is brand new for me. I have to make efforts to learn about Chinese market and try to get used to Chinese way of thinking. Also, I’m involved in a lot of company projects and having loads of tasks. I deal with international online platforms and social networks; I do promotion and help build cooperation with other foreign companies, which gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

Do you enjoy working with your colleagues in China?

“Many of my colleagues are from China and Israel but also from Germany, France, etc. It’s just like a big family; they treat me so friendly and patiently .Thanks to the creative environment in Jellyfish, I can always share my idea with my coworkers and know that my opinion will be heard.


Having an internship in China is something that will change your life

You can really benefit a lot while doing an internship in China! It’s a good opportunity to get not only professional but also personal experience. Ancor would like to recommend his friends to have their internship in China as well, because it’s something that will change your life.