The smiling on Abi’s face is infectious. As a recent graduate from the UK, she went for an internship in China and enjoys everyday of her stay – not only in her host company but also in her daily life here in Chengdu, one of the best cities for foreign interns in China.


Why did you choose China as your internship destination?


When talking about the reason to China, Abi said “actually this is the second time I have been in China. I thought the best way to keep improving my Chinese was to live in the country and get involved in the job and speak Chinese every day. It turns out to be just great for me.”


What does your daily work involve?

74ab26fa6bb10b9bb7413ea5f49fc8fAs a hospitality intern in China, Abi works in the operation department of an international hotel and her role is management trainee. It involves providing friendly, efficient services to guests and doing training with different departments, such as operation, housekeep, sales and HR department.

Abi also gets chances to meet most of her colleagues in the hotel and everyone is friendly and really welcoming. It’s great for her to work with Chinese coworkers on daily basis, learn how to work with Chinese customers and experience how a Chinese organization works and operate in terms of business and culture.


What’s your favorite part of your internship in China?


The best part of interning in China for Abi is to get the chance to participate in different events and activities in the hotel. Abi says:” I feel great to learn how to prepare the events in a well-organized way and it’s also inspiring to meet new people in different culture or even make friends with them during the events.


What can you gain the most from your hospitality internship in China?


The hotel industry is an aspect that Abi never had experience before. So, she learned a lot about how things work behind in a hotel. while in her opinion, the best thing is that she can learn about how business works in general in China and the best way to communicate with Chinese colleagues and partners with the hotel as well.


Chengdu is the best city for interns to experience the real China!


“I will definitely recommend people to come to China to do an internship and especially to come to Chengdu.” said Abi, “I was a bit unsure about coming to Chengdu before I came because I didn’t know a lot about the city but after coming then I realized it’s a really good place for foreigners especially to come as the first city to get to know China.