Doing an internship in China means that you are going to spend your working hours in a totally different environment than what you what you know and used to. Therefore, how to get a better experience while interning in China? Here are some tips for you:


1.To learn Chinese culture before coming to China for the internship

Before heading on an internship in China, it’s better to make yourself be aware of the basic Chinese customs and get some more information about Chinese culture as there is an ultimate rule for international interns that you need to be open-mind and to respect different cultures.


2. To get involved in the work environment and remember you are in a team

Although everything would be brand new for you while interning in a different country, to fully embrace your internsinternship you need to consider yourself as a team member. This wouldn’t take a long time for you as Chinese are “incredible” friendly.

Do not limit yourself by only working with Chinese coworkers on a daily basis, grab every opportunity to make friends with them even after working hours. If your new Chinese coworkers are heading out for dinner or a game of soccer, don’t hesitate to jump in be a team player.


3.Learning basic Chinese while interning in China

It’s no problem for interns (English speakers) to live in China Independently, because many Chinese can speak English and you can see everything is written in both Chinese and English in public area, moreover, you can even find western brands or restaurants everywhere in China but if you can learn some basic Chinese, it may Change your life in China for example, you will get more opportunities to make new Chinese friends and you can gain a deeper insight into China’s culture which can your internship in China just became spiritual…


4.    Building your career network during your internship in China.

internship in China_It’s an amazing networking opportunity to intern in China. It’s much helpful when building your career network. With this unique international working and living experience, you will be immersed in a multinational environment. No matter to work or hang out with other international interns on-ground from all over the world, it would be much easier to extend your network which will have benefits long after your time with internship has finished.


5.    Make your internship count!

Your internship will be what you want it to be if you make efforts in a right way. The most important thing is to remember why you choose to do an internship in China. Take advantage of every minute to discover your passion in an amazing city. It’s a great opportunity to learn and grow professionally while exploring the world.

No matter you are doing an internship in an international company or a 5-star hotel, there is one crucial idea which you should bear in mind that the Chinese management system and company culture can be very different from what we know in the west and there will be some surprises if you try to be patient and respectful to what you are doing.