Although students are aware internship experience can be helpful when applying a great job in the future. Many of them are searching internships with enthusiasm instead of the right self-location. To get close to your dream job, it’s not necessary to find as many internships as you can. Oppositely, it’s better to slow down and take a step back from aimlessly internship searching and start to think about some certain things which can set yourself up for success.

Why are you searching for an internship?

Before heading on an internship searching, you need to figure out what motivate you to conduct an internship? Is it just for pocket money? Or simply Enrich your CV?Are you trying to improve yourself by learning to work in professional team or you are keen to get some practical work experience?

What will be valuable for your future Career plan?

It’s not a smart idea to list all the internships you have done when applying a job. To analyze the value of the internship before set a foot on is very important. You need to be able to choose the internships which can be a good fit of your future career plan. For example, if you want to devote yourself in hotel industry, it’s better to find internships in a hotel or something related to hospitality or tourism. This would be something that will make you an asset.

What’s your desired intern place.

Students and graduates have many more options nowadays. Interns can choose to find an internship in Europe or Asia, in a major city or a small town. With a wide number of considerations, it’s would be hard to make a decision. There is no best place for students or gradates. The ultimate rule is to choose the most suitable place for you. For example, as a European student who are eager to get to know Asia culture and business environment, doing an internship in China might be the best choice.

What really counts for the employers

Which kind of skills can make you stand out from thousands of applicants? Academic background of a top university?International work experience?Particular languages skills? Take yourself as the employers and try to think about what specific skills you want to see on your own employees. Once you are clear about what will count for your future job searching or career developing, you will know what the best internship for yourself is.

The best internship in for you is not just an internship in a “Top 500 global enterprises”. It should always be the one that can help you to learn the skills and gain the experience fitting your future career plan. From now on, make sure your internship searches and applications will more targeted!

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