As the most typical food in Chengdu, hot pot is the best match for summer which you cannot miss during your internship in China. Check out the tips as below to get ready for your first exploration.

Choose the best “soup” for yourself

In general, there are 3 types of soup which decide the base flavor of your dishes.

  1. Spicy soup
  2. Non-spicy soup
  3. Double-flavor soup

The most popular one among the locals is the Spicy soup while the double-flavor hot pot is recommended for interns from western countries which can offer both options at your first taste.


Tip1: The non-spicy soup hot pot is the best match for vegetables

Duble flavor soup hot pot_Be aware of the difference between two types of the “oil”

The “oil” is used in the soup which is to increase the flavor of the soup. Primarily, there are two kinds of oil: beef oil and vegetable oil. Beef oil will make the flavor of the food stronger and thicker than vegetable oil.

What level of spicy soup to choose

Make sure you make the right choice and tell the waiter the exacts soup type you want.

The main types of spicy soup:

  1. Super spicy
  2. Mild spicy
  3. light spicy


Tip2: For interns who come to China for the first time, the best option would be light spicy.

Choose the sauce

There are generally two kinds of sauce when serving with hot pot.

  1. Ground Chili mixed with peanuts, salt and other seasonings to help you enhance the spicy of the food.
  2. A small bowl of sesame oil mixed with garlic, ginger, coriander and green onion to help you deduce the strong, fiery flavor


Tip3: The sesame oil is always the best option for international interns.

Recommended dishesSnacks_


Fried pork, glutinous rice cake in brown sugar sauce.


Tender beef, fatty beef slices, lamb slices, pig aorta, cow stomach.


Lotus, Potato, spinach, white gourd, cucumber, broccoli.


As an international intern in China, you cannot just go back home without having a taste of the fantastic hot pot. No matter you have a strong fever for meet or you are a vegetarian, you can find the best option for yourself when having hot pot.