‘Tis the season to hightail it from zombies — or time them.

In the event that you hold an open brain, you will discover that a zombie is who you’ve already been wanting all along.

(But still be mindful. Date at your very own risk.)

13 reasons to date a zombie:

1. Are you currently accident prone? Date a zombie and there’s little chance you’ll unintentionally destroy him/her.

2. About top rated: everybody will understand should you decide eliminate your own go out.

3. The date is going to be very happy to see you. He may also appear operating.

4. Should you decide commonly overheat in cuddling situations, a cold-blooded go out will likely be a refreshing modification.

5. You’ll end up being the graceful one in the relationship. And the prettiest.

6. To zombies, get older is just a number. You’re lively. That’s all those things matters.

7. Regarding #5: Zombies aren’t endangered by your work successes, have actually commitment issues or whine regarding your needy pals. They’re only pleased you’re lively.

8. Got opponents? Will they be live? Not anymore!

9. Fed up with wondering if finally night’s date will-call? Zombies tend to be pursuers. You won’t need certainly to question if he/she is interested.

10. Zombies are inspiring. They understand what they need in addition they do what must be done to get it.

11. Dating a zombie is actually hazardous — but poor men are gorgeous, right?

12. Zombies are fashionable. They actually have a lot more street cred than vampires of the underworld.

13. Food isn’t hard – just include minds into the ingredient list and you are ready to go.


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